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The "white deer" of Seneca are an amazing group. No they are not albinos.

Some of the over 500 empty ammo bunkers on the base.


"I have a passion for whitetail deer, not a passion for killing them. The fact that I deer hunt does not make me their enemy, but their guardian."
S. Vetter

I'll bet you 100 "BUCKS"
you can't guess what this is....


I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was probably one of the emptiest feelings I had in my life. I was assigned to help do some training for pilots in evasion techniques against enemy capture. My patrol dog Duke was with me. He was a black and silver German Shepard that loved to work. We patrolled the long stretches of an abandoned air strip which had been shut down for many years. The runway was badly cracked and weeds shot up 3 feet high where airplane tires once landed.
It was quiet. I mean VERY quiet. It's strange when you look at a place that was a hub of activity and now is a ghost town. I remember almost feeling sad that this place no longer was called home to any living thing.
About that time Duke went on alert and my heart started to race. He never lied. He was alerting on something behind me. I looked to see a doe and two yearlings staring at me. They sat there and stared for a few minutes and then simply strolled along their way. I watched them as they comfortably walked across the empty air strip and it was then that I realized, to them this was home.

The same is apparently true for a strange group of "white deer" in New York. This group now occupies an empty military base. As far it's known, this is the only herd of true white deer. No they are not albinos, they are really all white. Unlike an albino that has pink eyes due to "NO COLORATION", these deer have normal brown eyes.
This is a fascinating little story that very few people have heard. The effort is on to save this area as home to these animals. Visit their website and read the information. I think you will find it enjoyable as I did.          





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