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  Tennessee Deer Hunting

State DNR Office   - Hunting Regs -  Federal Information

Tennessee Deer Hunting Statistics, 2005/2006:
  • Total Harvest Statewide for the 2005/2006 TN Deer Season was 166,379.
  • The Opening Weekend Gun harvest was 26,120.
  • The County with the highest total harvest was Hardeman with 5,904.
  • 43% of licensed deer hunters killed at lest one deer.
  • There were about 211,000 deer hunters in 2005/2006. The exact number of deer hunters is not known as it cannot be assumed that everyone who purchases a Sportsman?s License is a deer hunter.




Harvest Totals



Total Deer

County 160,096
WMA 5,631
Ft. Campbell 652


Statewide Harvest By Season Type
Open Kill (Archery) 16,346
Open Kill (Crossbow) 3,800
Open Kill (Muzzleloader) 33,935
Open Kill (Gun) 106,015
WMA Managed (Archery) 1,009
WMA Managed (Crossbow) 168
WMA Managed (Muzzleloader) 1,130
WMA Managed (Gun) 3,324


Statewide Harvest By Region
Region 1 52,298
Region 2 60,664
Region 3 29,431
Region 4 17,703
Total 160,096

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