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  Missouri Deer Hunting

State DNR Office   - Hunting Regs -  Federal Information

WHITE-TAILED DEER are enjoyable to watch, photograph and hunt, but they can cause crop damage. Missouri farmers are tolerant of deer activity and accept certain levels of damage. However, when deer populations, droughts, natural food shortages or economic conditions create hardship, corrective action becomes necessary.

Hunting programs are among the most effective damage control techniques, but they require foresight, planning and commitment by the landowner. The Department of Conservation establishes an annual any-deer permit quota for each deer management unit. We look at various factors in establishing these quotas, and crop damage problems are a primary consideration. While the Department provides the legal framework for harvest, landowners hold the key to regulating local deer herds because they control hunter access.

Although control methods such as repellents, scare devices, out-of-season shooting, and high-tensile electric fencing can be effective, regulated hunting during the firearms deer season is a practical, effective solution to deer damage problems. To be most effective, hunting must be organized, targeted toward certain animals and intense enough to affect deer populations.

Deer hunting programs are an important step in controlling deer damage on the farm. The Department of Conservation recognizes the importance of landowner decisions in granting or refusing hunters access, but also realizes that excessively conservative hunting programs will aggravate existing damage problems.


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