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  Maryland Deer Hunting

State DNR Office   - Hunting Regs -  Federal Information

Wildlife Advisory Commission Approves Proposed Changes for the 2006-2008 Hunting Seasons
ANNAPOLIS ? The Wildlife Advisory Commission has approved the hunting season and bag limit proposals presented to them by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife & Heritage Service (WHS). The approved proposals include:
  • Managed Hunt Permit ? Simplifies what once was a multiple fee structure system to hunt on certain Maryland State Park lands.
  • Sika deer ? Add Caroline and Talbot counties to the list of counties open to sika deer hunting.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) ? Restrictions on carcass importation and reporting requirements for hunter-killed deer and elk from those states where CWD has been identified.

DNR withdrew the proposals to allow Resident Population Canada goose hunting in August pending final review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). In addition, based on input from hunters during the public comment period, the proposal to move the opening date for dove hunting was also withdrawn. September 1st will remain opening day for dove hunting season.


WHS has initiated the formal regulatory promulgation process to implement these changes. They will stand as proposals and will not be enacted until the 30 day public comment period concludes and the Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee completes its review. The proposals will be published in the Maryland Register on May 12 with the comment period ending June 12. The Managed Hunt Permit does not require regulatory action. The Chronic Wasting Disease proposal will be published in the Maryland Register at a later date.

DNR received several hundred comments during the initial public comment period via the Internet, letters and emails, and at three public information meetings held across the state. In addition, feedback on the proposals was gathered from sportsmen and women representing the many clubs and organizations in Maryland as well as DNR law enforcement representatives.

For further information, contact the DNR Media Office.


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