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Division of Wildlife

Students Can Track Movements of Moose in Colorado on the Internet

For the first time, students can access satellite information via the Internet that allows them to track the movements of wildlife in Colorado.
Two female Shiras moose, captured in Utah and released on the Grand Mesa in January, are fitted with special telemetry collars. The collars send a signal to satellites which use Global Positioning System technology to determine latitude and longitude coordinates of the animals' locations. The information is sent back to computers on earth to allow biologists and anyone who has Internet access to track recent movements of the moose.
While anyone can access the information through our web site, we believe this project will be especially valuable to students and their teachers, said Stan Johnson, education coordinator for the Colorado Division of Wildlife's northwest region. "Now students can explore moose movements just like biologists do."
The educational program is being funded by the DOW and the Glenwood Springs Chapter of Safari Club International.
The tracking program provides a variety of learning opportunities, Johnson said. Students can sharpen their computer skills, work on reading comprehension, learn about how technology is applied in wildlife biology and develop skills for reading topographical maps.
To access the tracking information, go to the DOW's web site at, click on the Education button at the top of the page, then click on Student Activities to go to the moose education page.
Numerous links on that page will provide students with the information they'll need to track and learn about the moose. Teachers will also find information that will help them set up lesson plans.
Besides information about the moose, the Education section of the DOW's web site presents information about hundreds of wildlife species in Colorado, a game that tests wildlife knowledge and a variety of educational programs and activities.
Teachers who want to learn more about the moose educational program and how to use it in their classrooms can contact Johnson at (970) 255-6191.

Division of Wildlife


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