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Pricing Range: Just a  general scale based on 1 -10
 (Example: A hunt that is $150 day might be ** two stars. A hunt that is $3200 for 3 days might be 7 stars)


Outfitter Name and Location

General Info

Pricing Range
1 - 10 stars

Alberta Whitetails with Wild Rose Whitetails
Name: Wild Rose Whitetails
Location: Alberta Canada
In Business: 14 years

Website Link:
Kirk is a great guide and offers a wonderful hunt. Dick Idol has hunted with Kirk many times and the bucks are just monsters. This is one of those hunt's of a lifetime trips that you will never forget.


Name: Muscooten Bay Outfitters
Location: Illinois
In Business: 3 years

Website Link:
Located in the heart of West Central Illinois, along the banks of the Illinois and Sangamon Rivers, Muscooten Bay Outfitters offers you the opportunity to make all of your hunting wishes become reality .A journey to Muscooten Bay Outfitters is a welcome get away, a hunting adventure and a learning experience. It's a trip that will always beg for a return.  


Name: North Eastern Hunting
Location: Ahoskie, NC
In Business: 10 years

Website Link:


Northeastern Hunting, a complete North Carolina Deer Hunting Outfitter, is located in the heart of some of the best whitetail deer hunting not only in northeastern North Carolina, but in the entire state and country. Our 9,000+ acres of prime hunting land in Hertford and Bertie counties (including land on the Roanoke river) is composed of a mix of swamp bottoms, hard woods, cutovers, pine blocks and fields.


Name: Montana Whitetails Inc.
Location: Montana, of course.
In Business:8 years

Website Link:


Truly a whitetail hunt of a lifetime.
Hunters should expect to see between 50-100 bucks during your all inclusive, 7 day trophy whitetail hunt. Bowhunters average 65% success with close to 100% shot opportunities. 100% success in our gun hunting areas, strictly limited. Trophy mule deer, antelope, elk, bear, and moose also available.
They have a great website with some great photos.


Name: Elite Hunting
Location: Kentucky
In Business:2 years



Now here's a website that took me a while to understand. Once I did however, I was pretty impressed. I truly feel that Kentucky is one of the hidden treasures in deer hunting. VERY short gun season but great archery season. Did you know they had a strong Elk herd as well? Check out the site and you'll find it interesting. Memberships and booked hunts are available. This might be a good place for our "featured outfitter" too. Let us know what you think. 


In Business:

Website Link:





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