This is the opportunity of a lifetime for outfitters and guides.
For the next 30 days we will be offering free listings in our outfitters section.

The Rules
1- Place our logo INCLUDING the text as an active link on your home page or within one click of your home page. The page it goes on must be crawled by search engines.

2- You must have an actual website that is devoted to your business. Not a blog or subpage.

3- You must have a reputable hunting service.

4- Your page must meet some guidelines for design. (We review.)

5- Place our link BEFORE you submit your info and maintain it as long as you want you site listed here.

6- Make sure you send the info needed for the blocks shown on ads.

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Add the link below. BOTH the picture and text.

deer running
Deer Hunting Website

Additional Promotion: We are currently taking applications for our 2006 "Featured Outfitter".
This outfitter will host the founder and his son for a three day hunt during the 2006 season.
They will get a full featured page that includes a photo diary of the hunt, facilities and the area.
This will be a really neat feature as it will take many hunters through the "booked hunt" experience
on a first hand basis.  Let us know if you are interested. The page will stay up for an entire year.