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Odocoileus virginianus (White-tailed deer)

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About us...
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General hunting info
and resources...

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> Deer Hunting Info by State

> Deer Density Map
    Link to QDMA map
> All State DNR Offices
    Full listing by state.
> Score your buck online
    Great link to the B&C Club

Deer biology and facts...
> Great Basic Deer Info
    Learn things you never knew about
    the whitetail.
> Your Sub-Species of Deer
Don't get confused...
> Antler Development
    Great photos, watch'em grow.
> Deer Anatomy Pics
    Great pics for shot placement 
    understanding and learning.
> Deer Aging
    How old is he really?
> Deer Vocalization
(Deer Talk)
>Chronic Wasting Disease
    We all need to know the facts.
> Fish & Wildlife Survey
    Read the national stats

> Live Deer Photos
    Amazing gallery growing
    every week. Send yours.
> Hunting Pictures
    Divided by states. Send yours.
> Collectables  
    Fun old stuff...

Managing land & herd...
> Managing your land
    Food plots, planting and more.
> Managing your herd
    Understanding QDM practices.

Hunting gear...
> Product Reviews
    All products have been field tested
    by us or one of our field staff.
> New Hunting Gear
    See the "new stuff" that we all just
    have to have.
> Free Targets Download
    Download free targets from
> Rifleman, Firearms & Acc
    If you love guns you love this.
> Archery
    Specialty section showcasing the
    newest products.
> Muzzle Loading
    Specialty section showcasing the
    newest products.
> Hunting Clothing and Boots

> ATV's
    Really neat rides. Read the reviews.
> Treestands
Deer Calls
Game Cameras
> Outdoor Gear Misc

> Book a Deer Hunt
   Search every state for the outfitters
   and guide services.
> Hunting Leases
    Listed by state.
> Hunting Land 4 Sale
    Locate your land by state
> Hunting Clubs
    Find club openings in your area
> Hunting Tips
    Short informative articles and tips.
> Moon Phases
    Check your hunting days.
> Kids Corner
    Designed by kids for kids. No adults
    allowed without know the secret

> Hunting TV Shows
    Find a listing of all the hunting shows
    across the nation.

> Deer Exhibits / Shows
    See the upcoming events.
> Members' personal sites
    Add your site link to ours.
> Library of other hunting sites
> Canada Info

> We support Anti-Hunters?
An interesting commentary to those who write us with negative comments.

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managing your
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  Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting

 This website contains information on state regulations, outfitters, bow hunting / archery products, muzzle loading or muzzle loading and other websites that contain other information. You will find DNR listings and directories as well as bow hunting, archery, muzzleloader, rifle and other information. Directories of all sorts can be found here. Deer hunters seeking outfitters or a way to book hunts can use our outfitters section. Looking for food plots? Try our food plot section. how about managing your herd? Doe management can really help. Lease and property for sale can be found here and soon we will have lots of deer lease info as well as hunting property directories. 
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Is deer hunting relaxing?
I think this photo says it all. When a hunter looks at it, you can feel yourself in a stand watching the scene. Great photo I call, Peaceful Stroll.

Lot's more coming this week.







Deer hunting website containing reference material for deer hunting info, deer hunting stats, state deer hunting regs, deer hunts and outfitters. Deer hunting products including archery, bow hunting muzzle loading, deer hunting maps, and hunting information and regulations. DNR office listings and deer hunting photos, deerhunting, deer hunts, and other resources. Whitetail deer information. This site is devoted to whitetail deer hunting. Whitetail deer biology, whitetail magazines, whitetail hunting shows, and whitetail general information.

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