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  Deer grunts and grunt calls


  Grunt Calls?

A hunting trip without a grunt call is no trip at all.

For those of you that don't carry a grunt call when hunting, you better think again.

There is no more effective tool to use in most areas. I can't stress this enough. Forget the rattling antlers and put in the grunt call. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

 M.A.D. Calls Compact Grunt-Snort-Wheeze Deer Call - Model 520

Isn't it funny how some days just stick in your mind forever? For me and a lot of other hunters, this is true about the days we harvest deer. I can clearly remember the day I shot my NC 8 point off game lands like it was yesterday. However, that was more than 17 years ago. 

He was one of the largest deer taken off that county's game lands in 2 years and hangs on my office wall. I can remember grunting a few times and then stopping to listen to a jet that was passing over head. A few minutes later there he was, walking slowly along the creek looking for the buck that was grunting in ?his? area. 

As he started to turn into a thicket I had one chance at a shot and it hit its mark.

I can clearly remember 27 deer that I have called into a grunt call. This is no exaggeration and they play in mind like videos.  Here are just a few from over the years.

Muzzleloader Season:

1-Grunted 3 times and a buck came charging up hill towards me. Sitting on the ground and took shot at 6 yards through fork in trees. 7:30 am.

2- Hunting with brother. Took shot and missed a doe with open sites at 60 yards. Reloaded and hit grunt call about 20 minutes later. 9:30 am. Buck came marching in.

3- Hunting in rain about 7 years ago. Rain stopped. 10 am Hit grunt call. Large buck came out of thicket 20 yards away. Put site on his chest and POP. Wet gun didn?t fire. Bought bolt action recently.

Gun Season:

1- Hunting alone on ridge. Hit "monster grunt call" and two 8 pointers came in together. 8:30 am. Shot one that rolled down the hill into a stump hole. Brother in law helped me drag him out.

2- Hunting with son. Hit grunt call several times. 7:15 am 10 minutes later, 8 point walked into field at 60 yards.  Shot him, and then another spike appeared looking as well. Son took his first deer.  
 3- Same stand, same year with son. Grunted 8am. Large 8 point came out. Shot at 90 yards as he was leaving area.

4 -Same stand with son. Grunted 8 am. Six point came into field and looked for us for 20 minutes. Let him walk.

5- Same stand, next year. Hit grunt call 7:30 am. Buck came out 8 point. Then a 4 point behind. They start to gently "play fight". I shot the 8. Then 2 minutes later I hit grunt call again. The 4 point came back out and son took him. Great morning.

6- Had decoy in field. 6 point came out and walked around it for over 15 minutes.

Hit grunt call from over 80 yards away. Deer looked and came trotting in. Walk 80 yards across field looking for me.

I can easily remember over 15 deer that I have called in and watched walk around looking for me. Sitting high in stand it was very interesting.

My faith in grunt calls is so strong, that I make sure my weapon is ready BEFORE I hit the grunt.

Don't leave home with out it.


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