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Deer Hunting video showing a fun day with Dad. Deer hunt took place on October, 29th. 

We get our gear from Bass Pro.
Click and see the HUGE hunting section they have.


  Deer hunting video with youth deer hunt. Video includes slow motion deer shot.

2006 Hunt Videos

If you open these files using AOL or Internet Explorer it should start to play in a minute.  However, if you open in a browser like Firefox, it may want to download it taking a long time. Video is Copyright material of this site.
You may link to it if you wish, just make sure you give our site credit.

We hang our blaze orange outside our blind or stand while hunting.  Little tip for you. Lets people know someone is inside.

Before you watch...
This is a video of my son and I hunting in Georgia on Oct 29th.
The first shot actually is the one that hits the deer.
The deer goes into the woods and stays there for a minute or two.
Then it starts walking away.
The second shot actually hit a tree, even though it looks like an impact shot. We reviewed the film frame by frame until we saw the impact of the first shot.
Reminds us all that a "trophy" is in the eye of the beholder.
Great exciting hunt for Ryan.
Please note that this was actually taped using a digital camera with a video function. Not perfect quality but pretty good.
This area is about to be developed for housing so we are not practicing QDMA on the land. Most of the deer will be driven off and killed due to the highway you can hear in the background. 

Watch Video Hunt #1 Ryan takes small buck.

After you watch the video, watch the first shot in slow motion.
You can hear the firing pin strike, then the gun go off.
Then see the impact. It is an area on the middle of the deer that turns dark for a second.
Watch Slow Motion

Go to next week Nov 5th
Saw a ton of deer but forgot we had camera under our chair.

Week of November 19th
Saw 10 deer got some on video. Ryan almost had shot at a nice 7 point but he wouldn't stop.

Saturday November 25th
Great DOE hunt. We take a doe and Ryan tracks the deer. Also take it to our processor.

Sunday December 2nd Hunt
Ryan takes a doe at 170 yards. Great slow motion clip too.
Dad is very proud of Ryan's 170 yard shot.
He took his time and waited until he was comfortable.


Deer hunting video of youth deer hunting with dad. Includes slow motion deer hunt video of impact. Deer hunt takes place on Oct 29th, 2006 in GA. Great deer hunting video showing the excitement of a youth hunter taking his own version of a "trophy".

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Deer Hunting videos and whitetail deer hunting site for the 2011 season.

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