The good old days.

They were simple times when life had a lot fewer choices and dilemmas. What you are viewing is a small part of the founders collection of old deer hunting history. We will be posting more and more over the next weeks. We will also be featuring some of the stories inside for you to read. They really are quite fun.  Visit often.
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A 1953 edition of hunting and fishing magazine. I always love the old ones that feature deer hunting on the cover. Had to include this inside page that has an ad for a uranium sniffer. Make money while you hunt by finding uranium. Love this country. Try this carry method and end up dead today...

1954 edition of Fur Fish & Game.

My prized piece...
A photo of Babe Ruth on a hunting trip in Newbern, NC. I actually hunted some of these same woods, so it has special meaning. Yes, this is an original. See the back too--->
The back of the photo has the original notes from the news wire. Dated Dec 8th 1932 from Acme photo. See if you can read the story. It takes a while.  I have never seen another one of these. This is a fun photo. Imagine driving down the road today like this.
Looks like they got cleaned up a bit for this photo. Dated Dec 2nd, 1937.
See the back too-->
Here is the back. This is one you can spend a lot of time with. It is actually in book form from 1909. 640 pages of reading. Neat stuff. 

Lots more to come.