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Our best picks of home videos.


Everyone misses once in a while. This guy filled his life "miss tags" all in 30 seconds.  Heart breaker... 

OK, we finally put up a "Mulley", this is an awesome bow shot that would make you shake in your stand.


Funny trick... You just know this guy was "pissed off" for weeks and weeks.


Awsome job guys. Great bow shot footage and perfect placement. Shows you why you ALWAYS aim at the lower 1/3 of a deer while bow hunting.




Watch close... Deer comes running down hill. You can hear dogs behind him.


Just like this one because it is truly a "home video". Watch closely as deer come out on upper right corner of plot.


Great footage of a doe JUMPING after shot with a bow.


Just a good job video taping his own hunt. NOT EASY.
Pretty good footage of bow shot.


Give the DOGS a gun. What a huge rack and strange behavior. Just a REALLY cool video.




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Deer Hunting videos and whitetail deer hunting site for the 2011 season.

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